New Jersey Jazz Society

Jazzfest 2010
Cecil Brooks III Trio

Cecil Brooks III led his ultra-hipster trio into a great groove. Cecil kept things purring like the driver of a groovy jitney with his compact, tasty time-keeping. Kyle Kohler’s organ produced round mellow tones and textures, perfectly complemented by Matt Chertkoff on guitar. No hard edges on any of the numbers, all thoughtfully developed with a sort of unhurried and lush minimalism. Cecil played only cymbals on one shimmeringly mystical tune, evoking images of pools of water. It was great fun to watch the dexterous fingerings of Kohler’s right hand on top of the keyboard, and the way Cecil played with his bandmates’ quick reflexes and expectations. Closed with an unrestrained “Saturday Afternoon Blues” created on the fly to suit the mood.

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Photos © Tony Mottola

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